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To match the total paid, we will add an item valued of the difference. If for example, you chose a whole duck, ostrich steaks or eggs totaling only $ 38, then for the remaining $ 7 you will find eggs, soap, lipstick or fresh salad straight from the garden in your box. (Depending on stock availability)
This way, you can try many different eco-friendly products from our farm and next time can order what you liked best!

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Product Overview

There is ostrich ground and ostrich steak included into box.

Additional information

Box #2

Ground, Steak, Mix

What customers think about this product:

  1. Olga Morin

    Ostrich meat is delisious and healthy

  2. Yelena

    Great red meat! I love it. My favorite meat.

  3. John

    As a meat lover and eater, I have to say this was absolutely delicious! I never thought I’d get to try Ostrich. It feels good to know that these are farm raised animals that were raised with a lot of attention and care. Vladimir and Yelena are awesome farmers and hosts. We had a great time at the farm and will definitely come back for some more of that great quality meat.

  4. Maria Carolina Ojeda

    With a serious allergy and beef, pork etc restricted, I’m looking forward to having the delicious ostrich meat from Ostrich Land Ontario for my burgers, meatloaf, roasts etc.

  5. Nancy Banyong

    I fell in love with ostrich meat. I think the single best piece of meat we bought at Ostrich Land Ontario, was an ostrich steak. It was tender, had a nice flavor and was very moist.

  6. Olayinka Lawson

    Ostrich meat tastes wonderful. Although it tastes like red meat, it is in fact softer, and therefore absorbs spices and other condiments quite quickly. It can be roasted, braised, stir fried and otherwise used in recipes, as we do with beef. I love my ostrich stir fry recipe, nutritious and delicious!

  7. Sibeso Kehinde

    Ostrich is a Very tender and less fatty. Tastes like steak, delicious. My favorite Ostrich Curry recipe that is easy to make, indulgent and full of flavour!

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